Search and remove any grout in your bathroom and kitchen.

Check all faucets and toilets to see if there are any leaks. Poor water pressure can be an easy fix with the help of a professional, or it can be done by yourself through cleaning all of the internal parts of the aerator.

Cleaning the garage is a usual summer task. Take the time to organize and clean the garage during the summer to avoid any delays in the future and the inevitable “disaster” garage.

During the summer months, insects are out and ready to play. This means you should look throughout your house to see if there are any noticeable infestation issues. Having ant spray handy will be a good bonus.

pexels-photo-702146Dryer/Exhaust Vents
It is important that when the dryer in your house is running, that exhaust is coming out and it smells like nice and fresh laundry. If there are any discrepancies, it may be necessary to call a professional or check for blockages in the vent yourself.

The next two months are fairly simple. During fall, it will be necessary to prepare for the winter. During winter, you should focus on the interior of your home.

– Clean your chimney with roofers phoenix
– Empty hot water heater; remove any debris
– Prepare your heating system for the winter, it’s going to be cold!

– Make sure vents are not covered. Also, ensure check-ups for a fireplace and furnace.
– Remove/store window AC units, while putting a tarp over outside unit for central air.
– Test your sump pump
– Prepare with winter gear (i.e. salt)

– Clean showerheads
– Deep clean the basement
– Inspect electricity (carefully)
– Check for ice dams/icicles
– Any other checkups inside of your home that you can think of!

Other Repairs
Not all repairs will require an annual check depending on the season. Some checks need to be done more often, as will be noted in the following categories: Monthly, Quarterly and Biannually.