Other Steps


As the weather changes, you will definitely require different things from your house. Therefore, it is incredibly important to prepare before the weather starts shifting.

For the summer, it is necessary that you make sure all air-conditioning units in the house are functioning properly so that when an incredibly high Arizona heat day comes along, you won’t be stuck without a working AC system.

Also, put up any screens on windows and make sure that existing ones are not broken. Insects love to come out during the summer, so make sure those pesky critters can’t enter your home.

4074004633_55484e920e_bLastly, check outside plumbing to ensure that an abnormal cold snap has frozen any pipes. This will be especially necessary if you have some sort of sprinkler system.

When preparing for the winter, you should do the opposite of the summer and ensure all heating units are working properly well before it starts to dip into cold weather. This way, when a freakish cold weather hits in Arizona, you will be prepared with your heating unit.

Make sure you cover a pool if you own one. Also, locate any cracks or opening in your home and make sure they can be sealed. This includes weather-proofing all windows so that cold air does not find its way into your home.

Contacts and Consultations
As you are a new homeowner, it will be abundantly necessary to install rain gutter systems and roofing for your home. Now is time to start thinking about consultations for these services.

First, look up any gutter and/or roofing installation company in your area. Once you find one that is close and has good reviews, you should call and set-up a consultation. This way, they can come and see what needs to be done about the gutter situation and can work with you to find a solution. The company will work to install these necessary parts of your home and continue to work with you in the future should any problems arise.

When installing gutters, you may need to ask some questions to ensure that what they are using is necessary and helpful for your home. Some possible questions to ask…
Are the gutters you are installing seamless, as in they are continuous from corner to corner and only have seams on the ends?
What type of seams are used on the corners of the gutters? The less seams used for the corner the better.
What style of gutters do you offer?
Do you use nails or screws to fasten the gutters to the home? Screws are considered more reliable, while nails are a more old-fashioned method.

Is there an Expeditor associated with your company? The Expeditor will ensure the process will be completed properly and evaluates it before actual work begins. It can be helpful that the company has one available.