The financial burden that comes with owning your new home in Arizona may be one thing, but you will be in for a shock as you come to learn that the costs and expenditures do not end there. While that may be intimidating, if you can organize the tasks that need to be done and checked, and how often they need to be completed, then you can conquer and understand this home maintenance journey you are about to embark upon.

First, we will discuss annual repairs. They can be broken into certain seasonal distinctions for which time of the year that they need to be completed.

pexels-photo-414181Spring Cleaning. April Showers Bring May Flowers. Spring is all about starting fresh and new, and rejuvenation for your life and the rest of the year. As you know, Spring is a transitory period, which means leaving the harsh cold for the soon-to-be extremely hot Arizona summers will require an extra look at the exterior of your home.

Exterior Drainage
Ensure that water is not sitting around your house and there is proper drainage. If puddles are sitting around you for more than 24 hours, there may be some sort of issue. Options include making sure gutters aren’t the source of the issue, and calling a professional to fix the pavement in order for the water to flow away from your home. Either way, a quick look outside can help you gauge if there is a problem.

As winter snow comes to an end, the accumulation of leaves from the fall and the snow will be a disaster for your gutters. It’s important to inspect them and clean them out if necessary.

Air Conditioning
During the springtime, it will be important to figure out any air conditioning issues so that the searing summer days in Arizona will not be completely unbearable. Whether you have central air or a less complex machine, a professional may be necessary to help you sort out any and all issues. The cost can be cheap, but for a simpler system, a quick online search may suffice.


A fairly simple task, just inspect the phoenix residental roofing to see if there has been any leftover damage. If so, a professional will be needed to inspect the issue.

Window screens may have been broken over the winter months. Now, to avoid any bugs flying in and similar bad situations, you’ll need to fix and/or replace the screens to make sure that for the rest of spring and summer there will be no issue with bugs in your house, because who would ever want that.

During the summer, the weather will be nicer and warmer than ever. So, it will be important to take care of tasks you may have neglected in earlier months.